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Bankruptcy Disk software has been discontinued,

Bankruptcy Disk and HUD-1-DISK have been discontinued.

            Law Disks has been publishing Bankruptcy Disk software for attorneys since 1991. We regret to say that we discontinued Bankruptcy Disk as of January 1, 2013, for the reasons explained on another page. Our 2012 product does not contain the April 1, 2013 changes to Official Bankruptcy forms. Since official forms change regularly, please consult legal counsel before using outdated forms. Note also that the RESPA/Turth in Lending forms are undergoing sweeping changes, not reflected in our 2010 HUD-1 software. Please consult other vendors to obtain more current products.

NACBA Study Finds that Only 3% of Debtors in Credit Counseling Can't Pay their Debts

97% of debtors sent to credit counseling since the start of the new bankruptcy law could not afford a payment plan, according to a study by NACBA of data from credit counseling agencies. The study casts doubt on the reasons given for enacting the 2005 Bankruptcy Act.

For attorneys, the study shows that 97% of the clients coming into a law office are going to be eligible for bankruptcy. To read the press release about the NACBA study, click here. Law Disks has what attorneys need to file bankrupcy under the 2005 bankruptcy Act.

ABI Study finds only 3% of debtors could pay 20% of their debts over five years
The American Bankruptcy Institute released a December 1998 study which analyzed a random sample of 1,000 bankruptcy petitions to see how many debtors would be able to pay 20% of their debts in a five year bankruptcy plan. Answer: only 3%, and these tended to be the high income bankrupts. You may check out the original at

Bankruptcy As a Women's Issue
A Study shows that more Women file bankruptcy than men: check out the original research at